Our range of Sebor colour plastic plant pots and products are BPA Free, 100% Recyclable, and UV Stabilized making them environmental-friendly. RJE Distributors stock this exquisite range of colour plastic pots and products which it supplies (wholesale) to a list of stockists in Gauteng and South Africa. See our latest range.

3 Plastic Super Pots

Super Pots

Plastic Herb Planter White

Herb Planter White.

Plastic Watering Cans 5 litre-10 litre Classic Blue

Watering Cans 5 litre-10 litre Classic Blue

Plastic Italio Siena Pots

Italio Siena Pots

Plastic Sill Planter Grid Terra 75cm

Sill Planter Grid Terra 75cm

Plastic Super Pot - Saucer Terra

Super Pot - Saucer Terra

Contemporary Plastic Super Pots

Contemporary Super Pots

Epic Country Plastic Pots

Epic Country Pots

Plastic Wall Brackets

Wall Brackets

Plastic Terra Bowls

Terra Bowls

Plastic Multi Flora Planters

Multi Flora Planters

Quality Badges

Quality Badges

Small Watering Cans plastic

Small Watering Cans

Plastic Spray Bottles 1 litre

Spray Bottles 1 litre

Plastic Super Pot Saucers

Super Pot Saucers

Solar Dish Terra plastic

Solar Dish Terra